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What is music copyright?

Get to understand what music copyright is and what is due to you as a creative who was involved in the creation of the song. 


Which music organisations should you be affiliated to?

Once you understand music copyright, which organisation should should you be affiliated with and what do they really do? Why should you be affiliated to them? Can you do it on your own?


Radio or TV has a target market too

To point out the obvious, radio and TV have a target market too. Not all songs sent to radio or TV will be played. Get to know what to lookout for when submitting your music to TV and Radio.


What do you sell on stage?

This is often the most overlooked aspect. Do you understand your role on stage as a performer, what differentiates your performance from the rest?


What does it take to get bookings?

Depending on where you are in the world, one of the major parts of music revenue comes from bookings. Why are other artists booked and performing week in and week out and you are not? 


What separates you from the rest?

Why you and no one else? What really makes you stand out. Why should you be considered before the next person? Learn how to build your music brand.


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Why do we do what we do?

The music industry is one of the most unstructured industries. Not too many musicians know what is required to move to the next level. 

We have put together resources to help you get to the next level. The speed of your growth is entirely up to you.

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